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Many international businesses have a need to exhibit around the world. Whether that need is based on expanding into new territory, or to take part in internationally renowned exhibitions that would otherwise leave you with ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out), it can feel daunting to take this leap into the unknown.

Benz exhibition stand using hire architecture in the US It’s true that you’ll have to navigate the seemingly alien rules and regulations of exhibiting (although we’ve written a helpful guide to terminology here for those crossing the pond and exhibiting in the US). However, you may think that exhibiting overseas also means having to source an entirely new exhibition stand design and build supplier in a territory that you may not be familiar with. Well that’s not the case…so if you’re feeling a gulp of trepidation then relax! We’ve made it easier for UK exhibitors to dip their toes into foreign waters.

We understand that it’s much easier and more convenient for you to source international stands locally which is why you get the best of both world’s working with us. For our UK clients, all our U.S. projects are co-ordinated from the UK by our dedicated U.S. expert Heidi Freedman.

These stands are designed and project managed in the UK but are subsequently built in our Nimlok Chicago or Las Vegas facilities. Our service (including logistics, installation, dismantle, storage) complies with U.S. regulations and avoids overseas shipping costs and hopefully allows you to have a more focused and successful event!

As well as choosing to have a bespoke exhibition stand built in the U.S, if you’re testing the water or want an inexpensive exhibiting solution, then you can choose from our latest range of hire architecture.

Two tiered exhibition stand rental design from NimlokOur new hire range of over 100 exhibition stand elements is the perfect solution to suit your branding, messaging and content, making your stand look totally individual.

Create a large-scale exhibition stand individually designed by our team using different hire components, or choose from a standard range of 10’x10′ or 20’x10′ off the shelf designs.

Our U.S. range of hired architecture includes:

  • Fabric structures and back walls
  • Architectural structures
  • Double decks (as pictured)
  • Hanging structures
  • Counters and kiosks
  • Light boxes
  • Accessories

And much more. See our full range in our downloadable Nimlok Rental Guide.

Or contact Heidi today about your US exhibiting needs.


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