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John Lowery, Export Sales and Design Consultant for Nimlok recently tackled the three-peaks challenge to raise vital funds for the Scouts and the Air Ambulance.

The challenge involved scaling three of the most iconic mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours.

With grit, determination and solidarity, they scaled all three heights and even flew our Nimlok banner at the peaks in return for a donation towards the fuel costs! Here’s an account of John’s epic journey:

John Lowrey in snow fields on Ben Nevis24 hours to go While the country basked in the lovely warm weather that finally meant summer had arrived; the group began to climb Ben Nevis. Checking with the local rangers, the group knew that the weather at the summit was bad. Sixty miles per hour gales, plus snow meant a staggering wind chill of -7oC was waiting for them at the top.

One member of the group began to struggle with the conditions that Ben Nevis was putting them through, but with team comradely, they pulled together and managed to reach the peak.


John Lowrey and team at Scafell peak with Nimlok banner18 hours to go Arrived safely back to the base and headed straight down to Scafell in the Lake District.


12 hours to go Arrived at mountain number two, Scafell and started the assent. The team member who was already struggling on Ben Nevis unfortunately had to stop half way up as he couldn’t push on anymore. He decided to wait for the rest of the party to return on the decent to join them again.

6 hours to go After completing the second peak and with the whole group reunited, they set off for North Wales and Snowdon. What the group didn’t anticipate happening however, was getting stuck in traffic on the M6, delaying their assent for an extra unwelcome hour.

Once they arrived at Snowdon, the group had an important decision to make. They were originally planning on taking the more direct, but difficult route up the mountain to make it back with time to spare, but this would have been at the expense of the struggling team member who already felt defeated by peaks one and two.

They made the joint decision to stay as a group, and climb the slower and easier route so that the struggling team member could finish the challenge. This also meant that they could finish the challenge together, which became more important to them than completing within the 24 hours.

4 hours over with their staggering journey taking 28 hours, the group completed their back-to-back mountain challenge.

Congratulations to John and his team for scaling these three heights for charity!

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