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4 killer reasons you should be using engagement tools on your exhibition stand

We’ve been thinking about the do’s and don’ts of using engagement tools on your exhibition stand. We couldn’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t consider them. No matter what your objective, there is always a form of engagement that will help you achieve and measure it.

So instead, we’ve outlined the reasons you should definitely be using engagement toolswhen you next exhibit.

1. Engagement tools provide easily accessible information that’s personalised and relevant to the individual visitor

While we hope your stand team can answer every visitors’ questions on stand, the reality is visitors are information hungry and often too time-poor to wait and talk to you.

Engagement tools provide a complementary route to providing information to multiple visitors, while offering greater scope for personalisation that perhaps brochure or information packs can’t deliver.

CIPD knew the most common questions asked by their current and potential members at their exhibition. We created an app for them where visitors were given options to choose from and were presented with tailored information based on their choices. The app also presented a data capture option to allow anyone interested in becoming a member, or who wanted more information, to enter their details.

How CIPD used an app to collect idata and present personalised information

Compared to the basic paper lead forms they were using the year before, CIPD saw a 73% increase in the amount of new membership enquiries they gained from the show.

2. Engagement tools provide the opportunity to integrate your wider marketing campaign into your exhibiting campaign message

As if competing for attention in a busy exhibition wasn’t hard enough, how do you get visitors to remember who you are and what you offer?

Aldermore Bank decided a game, focussing on their wider marketing campaign of ‘Can do’, would do the trick. By using fun celebrity trivia which asked which person can do which feat, visitors could associate their engaging experience with Aldermore’s Can Do marketing message.

Aldermore Bank's 'Can Do' digital engagement tool

3. Engagement tools can make complex content quick and easy to explore

Not everybody’s products and services are simple to understand. Engagement tools can help you educate visitors without the need for individual demonstrations or conversations.

Take Atlas Genetics as an example. They had an innovative scanning machine that could identify diseases based on a patient’s blood sample. The problem was explaining the intricacies of how it took blood from the cartridge inserted into the machine, filtered it through for analysis and displayed the results.

What we created was a simple informative animation that visually explained the process in a short clip, displayed on-stand. Amplify this animation across a huge screen wall and even visitors from across the exhibition hall would understand your proposition!

4. Engagement ideas come in many forms to suit different budgets

Possibly the most important consideration; whatever your budget, there will be a form of engagement for you. Whether you use a simple, cheap, physical game such as skittles of darts to attract your audience’s attention, or spend big bucks on the latest virtual reality software, there’s no budget too small to engage your visitors.

Even with digital tools, concepts already developed and designed can be re-skinned to suit your business’s branding and campaign message, saving you time and money developing something new from scratch.

DO use engagement tools

No matter what your reason for exhibiting, every business at a show has one thing in common; the desire to engage with visitors face-to-face. Explore our website for more engagement ideas and to see the full list of engagement do’s and don’t’s.

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