B2B buyers rate exhibitions as key purchasing trigger

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Recent research has revealed that 1 in 3 B2B buyers attend live exhibitions – which they rated as the single most influential information source to make their purchase decision.

This important finding illustrates the high value that potential B2B buyers place on interacting face to face with exhibitors when making a buying decision.

The Buyersphere Report 2013 surveyed over 500 buyers from the UK, France and Germany who had made a single business purchase of over £20k in the past year.

Providing valuable interactions

Not only do these findings confirm the importance of exhibiting, but also the significance of making an interaction engaging and memorable. In the Buyersphere Report, 88% of buyers said that their most memorable communication during a potential buying process was with the winning supplier. In most cases the buyers also mentioned some form of face to face or personal contact, demonstrating the value that buyers place on the opportunity to build rapport, in their purchasing decision.

A quarter of buyers in the Buyersphere Report also said that their chosen supplier exhibited at more events or exhibitions than its competitors, which had an impact on their buying decision. So if your company is not exhibiting and your competitors are, you could be missing out on important sales opportunities.

Growing your brand

As well as directly increasing leads and sales and gaining good ROI, exhibitions can also help to increase brand awareness to secure future sales.

From the Buyersphere Report 2013, buyers said that the strongest attribute of a winning supplier was brand awareness before the buying process began. This suggests that it’s increasingly important to raise awareness of your business to potential clients before their buying decision has even started.

One key way of making sure that potential clients know about you before their buying process, is through a good exhibiting strategy.  That involves messaging your audience in advance of the show and putting on a great show whilst you’re there, then continuing the messaging post event.

At Nimlok, our holistic approach to exhibition stand design unifies stunning architecture with the latest digital engagement tools to give you a unique and engaging campaign, pre, during and post show. Not only will this mix deliver improved ROI, but will also increase brand awareness and deliver a memorable on-stand experience to help you build rapport now and in the future.

With two thirds of buyers having previous knowledge of their winning brand, it’s vital that your brand be seen at exhibitions, while driving high-quality leads to deliver you a good ROI in the short-term. We can also help elevate your brand using our amazing hanging structures, so you’re brand is seen from across the exhibition hall.

As exhibitions are the most influential information sources for a buyer to make their purchasing decision, can your business afford not to exhibit?

Talk to us on 0800 111 4001 to find out how we can design, build and install your next exhibition stand.

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