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Exhibition & Event Graphic Solutions

The most magnificent design architecturally may still fall down on its fundamental purpose if it still does not communicate the brand values, product details or service capabilities of its owner.

Graphics are key communicators in the exhibition environment and must work on every level, from brand portrayal to how a "widget" works.

Nimlok recognised the importance of high quality graphics in 1998 when it initiated a plan to bring ALL graphic production in house despite the technical issues involved with the emerging digital technology. This major investment in its capabilities was made easier by the ability to specialise in its unique marketplace - its graphics division did not need to be "all things to all men" but could concentrate on perfecting solutions for Nimloks output.

Testament to its success is the fact that today ALL of Nimlok's 1000 plus installations per annum are completed in house and our graphics facility is incorporated into both our ISO9001 quality assurance system and our ISO14001 environmental certification.

Our graphic solutions can be broken down into principally three types:

  • DSG Digital Graphics
  • Fabric Graphics
  • Standard Large format Graphics

Environmental consideration rating: High

Our systems are designed to optimise use of materials. In particular DSG offers edge to edge printing without lamination. Standard laminated prints that are common within the industry are difficult to recycle due to the multiple substrates involved.

Again in conflict with common practice in graphics production, we use no solvent printing equipment, which is a cheaper but environmentally more volatile.