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5 top tips for a successful show

May 10, 2013 |

As we’re preparing for our next event, the Events Event which will be held on Wednesday 29th May 2013 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, we’d like to give you five top tips on how you can have a successful show!

1. Secure a prime location

When it comes to exhibitions, location is key. Choosing the right space that best suits your needs ensures that you can increase the number of people that notice your stand. Some exhibitors may be tempted to position their stand next to or close to the entrance, but often visitors will stride past these places.

Areas where people naturally congregate such as refreshment points and seating areas may also work well.

2. Engage

Create a clear plan of action for how you’re going to attract passersby and keep them engaged. This includes pre- and post-show emails, promoting your presence at the event via your social media channels and drawing in new passersby by an attractive offer – such as a digital game!

3. Design your exhibition stand

Your budget will dictate the type, size and make of stand that you can afford. It’s best to pick a display that will best utilise your space and set you apart from your competitors, while also keeping in mind your target audience and your brand identity.

4. Create a welcoming presence

Creating a welcoming environment is important encourage people to come into your stand. Make sure there are no physical barriers to stop passersby coming into your stand by placing tables for literature and other materials on the side of your stand space and not at the front.

If you expect passersby to stop for a longer talk or demonstration, then consider having ‘comfort corners’ of stools, chairs, sofas or even beanbags! This will depend on the length of time you’d like people to stop for and the audience that you’re trying to reach.

5. Don’t fake it!

Working on an exhibition stand can be hard work so it’s important to stay motivated. Chances are, people will spot a fake-smile – and it’s also bad for you. Research suggests that faking a smile can decrease productivity and negatively affect your mood*. So it’s important that your team is genuinely happy to be there!

See if you can spot a fake smile using the interactive quiz on the BBCs website and let us know your score by tweeting us @NimlokUK or leaving a comment on this blog!

*Reference: Brent Scott et al, Michigan State University, USA. Academy of Management Journal February 2011

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