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Brand engagement gets physical

December 12, 2013 |

Russian squat

This digitally devious idea comes from Russia. With not so much love, as sweat and tears! To promote the upcoming Olympics in the country someone had the bright idea of installing ticket machines which enable subway passengers to pay for their fare in squats.

Those completing 30 squats within a set time period get a free ticket for the efforts, boosting their health and also creating an interactive experience which has captured global attention. A camera with a counter and other motion sensors register the correct movement and quantity, so there’s no cheating.

Other ideas in the pipeline include introducing exercise bands in place of handles on Moscow’s buses and installing stationary bikes where people can charge their mobile phones with pedal power.

Russian man squats for free train ticket

The link between physical actions and rewards got us exercising our brain cells as to how this could work on stand, and on brand. Everyone loves a game, as our own Christmas campaign, adapted from our 2013 Marketing Week Live stand proved. Play our game here until 18th December.

Our ‘fishing’ game resonates with our target audience of marketers as it’s their job to ‘cast their prospecting net far and wide with the aim of landing the big fish.’ As well as creating a fun and interactive experience, it’s an intelligent way to attract attention and collect data. We also had a revolving fish pond on stand complete with wooden fish waiting to be caught! See what we did at Marketing week Live.

There are many ideas that can fit with your brand and the technology exists. It’s now about how you use it to support your exhibiting presence.

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