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Cashing in on new technology

June 23, 2014 |

“If you see me walking down the street, and I start to … buy “

Forgive the non-Dionne-like singing, but I’m feeling a little musically inspired by a glimpse of technology that pushes people to purchase and – for us events related people – to places!

The world of m-commerce is now at a place where people such as Weve are able to target prospective customers with very specific marketing messages based on their location.

As an example of how this exciting technology works, Weve did a trial with Tesco. They sent a text to women aged between 25 and 34 who were within walking distance of a particular store, offering them a L5 discount. Some 40,000 responded and walked into store.


Photo credit: Andrew Stawarz on flickr “driftin’nTxtin ” CC2.0

Think that was a fluke? Well, Kleenex tried something similar around locations with known flu outbreaks. Mums (I’m assuming women aren’t more susceptible to such messaging … or flu) in a specific radius of flu outbreak centres were sent a text offering them the chance to win a holiday by entering a Kleenex competition. More than 25% purchased Kleenex tissues as a result, and 7% entered the competition. Not to be sneezed at!

So what can exhibitors learn from this?

1) Data matters
Yes the technology helps, but knowledge of the age group and other demographic data linked to the mobile number was key to the success of both projects above.

2) Be audience specific
A single man of 20 isn’t likely to be influenced by the offer of a family holiday, and a L5 discount might not appeal to someone earning L100k. But if you target your audience with a tailored message, then you’ve a great formula to trigger someone to visit your stand.

Remember it’s important to have compelling content on your stand. If you’re pulling people in to visit you then make sure it’s worth their while. People want to be engaged. They want to learn. They want a multi-sensory experience, which is made all the more possible in a face to face environment. So maximise the experience!