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Creating the Right Impression at Exhibitions

August 24, 2015 | Laura Baines

In business and everyday life, creating the right impression is key to getting ahead and getting noticed. This is also true for any successful exhibition, creating the right impression is the backbone to achieving your exhibiting goals and objectives. Within this article, we will be breaking down some key areas and looking at how you can apply these ideas to your own exhibition programme. After-all creating the right impression at exhibitions will ultimately deliver solid return on your investment.

Bold and Bright

The most obvious step in your exhibition planning process is your exhibition stand design. Your stand needs to speak volumes about your core message and brand; you need to create a memorable campaign theme that will ignite interest, get people talking and leave lasting memories. Fill your space without making it feel cluttered and disjointed, think about how most people will approach the stand, the route they will take around/through the stand and how they will interact with the space. This will equip you with a better understanding of how visitors will view your stand, allowing you to improve a visitor’s experience.

Respirex at Interschutz 2015 Exhibition

Respirex at Interschutz 2015

Harmony on the stand

From the exhibition stand architecture, graphics, flooring, lighting and colours, to the branding and literature, your exhibition stand needs to create harmony; everything needs to flow together seamlessly so that the overall impression delivers impact on the crowded show floor.

Nimlok Exhibition Stand

Nimlok’s exhibition stand, Marketing Week Live 2015


It goes without saying that your exhibition stand should create a strong impression on the show floor, it’s also important to have a strong team on your stand. Staff need to be fully briefed and ready for the event, understand key goals, given their own lead targets and overall feel comfortable and happy about the product/message. Make sure everyone understands the overall exhibiting objectives whilst at the show. You could ask staff to do a bit of storytelling around your exhibition theme, a good story can help sow lasting memories about your brand/company. Consider the smallest detail, make sure staff are well groomed and dressed appropriately and that they do not eat or drink on the stand. Plan their breaks accordingly, so that there is always someone on your stand, never leave your stand unmanned.

At the end of the event have a debriefing, not only a chance to thank and reward your staff but also to receive feedback on how you could improve for future events; remember your staff are the ones who spend most of the time on your stand so will know it best.

Team of people


Using technology, like an app for data capture, will deliver a better, more fluid process and offers a greater volume of information. Technology can also be used to accurately measure ROI at the end of the week by enabling staff to record qualified leads and sales.

Representing your brand

Remember to never drop the ball, your staff are representing your brand at all times.

Creating the right impression is about forming a fluid, well thought out and well-executed exhibition programme. Some of these ideas will hopefully spark some inspiration; allowing you to really get people remembering you and create that successful exhibition. We have a range of great ideas and tools available on our website click here for further information.


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