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Exhibiting is a Game of Thrones

April 11, 2014 |

With the premiere of the long awaited season of a Game of Thrones and inspired by our friends at Nimlok across the pond, we know that exhibiting is like a Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones DVD attributed to Maria Mori on Flickr

Wars are raged between the aisles to rule and you may not realise it but you can see may characters from a Game of Thrones exhibiting if you look carefully enough…

Here are a few characters you may come across and what you can learn from them to benefit your own exhibiting strategy.

King Joffrey

Joffrey will bark orders at you, but won’t care what you have to say and won’t take no for an answer! Joffrey type characters are brutal, uncaring and adopt very aggressive sales techniques. They may get a few leads and sales through this brutality, but will lose valuable supporters.

Adopt an open ruling on your exhibition stand to ask your visitors about their needs and be a great and understanding King (or Queen)!


The Hodor’s of the exhibiting world will hover around an exhibition stand, but won’t really say, or do much. They’ll do what they’re told, but won’t be proactive in generating leads and sales.

Providing clear training and an on-stand briefing before the show, perhaps including an incentive to stand staffers, should help to make sure that nobody is left muttering Hodor to themselves in a corner.

Tyrion Lannister

Often underestimated, Tyrion Lannister is witty and intelligent and has a mind for strategy. They’re often found ready with an integrated, well thought out and alluring campaign to gain more visitors on-stand. Of course, as a Lannister, they’ll also do this on budget and carefully measuring ROI!

Use your wits like Tyroin to develop a clear exhibiting strategy that can draw in potential leads to your stand. Make sure your strategy has longevity and can be used pre, during and post show.

Daenerys Targaryen

Queen of exhibiting, Daenerys isn’t afraid of pulling her weight on-stand to get the job done. With quiet determination, they can take control of any situation and end up on top. These characters also have a clear goal in mind for what they want to achieve and will walk through fire to get there.

Make sure your business goals are conveyed to the exhibition environment so that your exhibiting strategy is strong. Make sure the right messages are filtered down to the team so that everyone is motivated and aligned. Keep a calm head on the exhibition floor and make sure you have a contingency for any eventuality that could happen before and during the show – and you could win the Game of Thrones!

Photo credit:“game of thrones blueray1″ via Maria Morri on Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0