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Exhibitors – we salute you

August 27, 2014 |

Across this green and pleasant land, upon ever England’s mountains green, there is an unsung hero. You.

You who wields the exhibition guide and floor plan, you who battles through crowds to reach your target audience and you who awakens early to take your chariot to new exhibitions year after year.

Feet sore from working the exhibition hall and tongue tired from face-to-face conversation, you set your stall out for the world and issue a brand battle cry. All in the name of events, exhibitions, meetings in this wonderful sector we share.

And it’s all been worth it! Now’s your time to take a bow and say ‘cheers’ to success, whilst reflecting on the fact that the events industry is worth over L39 billion. And by 2020 the industry is predicted to be worth over L48 billion.

To mark statistics such as this, and the general contribution of our sector to making Britain great, Britain for Events has launched National Events Month. Taking place in October there will be events across the country.

Here are five ways you can get involved:

1. Follow the hashtag #NEMO and link in with @Britain4Events

2. Spread the word by popping the logo on your homepage or email signatures. We’ve already done it at Nimlok as our way of offering support.

3. Check out the nearest event happening near you. will have all the information a little closer to the date.

4. Hold your own event. Why not do something at your office, perhaps for charity to mark the month? October is a bustling month in the exhibition calendar, but making the most of the opportunity to shout about our sector is something not to be missed. You only need to check out the ice bucket challenge that’s sweeping social media to see the value of engagement for awareness. I’m not proposing we tip ice anywhere, but is there something similar as a sector we could consider to capture that same spirit?

5. In the meantime, check out this video for a feel good glimpse of the difference you are making to your country.

People of the exhibition and events world – UNITE!

National Events Month supporter