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Five top tips to make your exhibition campaign theme a winner!

May 20, 2015 | Clare Farthing


So we’ve just witnessed one of the most baffling election campaigns in a generation. Just how did the pollsters get it so wrong? Could it have been down to the confusing and often conflicting messages issued by each political party in the run up to election day? I have to admit I was just a tad

Don’t make the same mistake with your exhibition campaign and be sure to clearly communicate your key messages clearly. Don’t over complicate your theme, keep it simple, and most importantly make sure your theme is engaging, memorable and integrated across all core marketing channels. More importantly, think about why you are attending a particular event? Are you there purely for brand awareness, or are you launching new product or service? If it’s the latter you need to make sure your campaign theme is unique, eye-catching and innovative.

Here are five tips to make your marketing campaign theme a winner

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