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Hidden brand messages

November 14, 2014 |

In a week dominated by very on-brand advertising by John Lewis, I thought a peak at some more subtle logos and brand messages would be welcomed.

At Nimlok we love brands. Our role is ultimately to bring a brand to life in 3D by creating a memorable exhibition stand. So seeking to understand brand objectives and what’s behind a visual identity is something that we embrace.

Toblerone hidden bearFor that reason this great blog post from Ad Week made us smile. The bear hiding on the Toblerone mountain, the cyclist in the Le Tour De France visual identity, and the analogue/digital Sony signals all serve as reminders to the importance of the subtle. The work that goes into understanding the brand objective layers behind the obvious is a delight to see … or not see as the case may be!

Less subtle but equally brilliant, returning to Christmas and John Lewis for a moment, is the store’s plans to bring experiential into their successful advertising campaign. As us face-to-face marketers know, nothing beats that human connection and so the creation of a 3D virtual world for people to step into the brand story sounds perfect. Expect immersive technology at an exhibition venue near you soon – it’s certainly something we can see clients embracing on stand. More on our trend predictions for 2015 in a future blog.

After all, a brand is for life, not just for Christmas!