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Interactive inspiration from brand leaders can help marketers with engagement ideas at their exhibitions

September 19, 2013 |

As technology continues to move at a pace, marketers have been keen to utilise advancing technologies in new and exciting ways to gain the attention of prospective customers. Out of home billboards are a great example of how technologies are progressing and we’ve taken a look at a few that have really caught our eye below.

These innovative billboard ideas aren’t just consigned to outdoor marketing. Many exhibitors are already utilising digital engagement tools to great benefit, whether it’s through interactive games, touch screen technology or augmented reality. And as these technologies become more widespread and cost-effective, we truly believe that digital engagement at exhibitions will only increase as exhibitors look to find new and innovative ways to gain the attention of potential customers. So keep your eye out for the next big digital billboard campaign when you’re out shopping – it could be just the place to find inspiration for your next exhibition stand content.

Sporting success

McDonalds’ pick and play is a digital ping-pong game controlled by mobile phones, which allows users to use their smartphone to steer whilst following the game real time on a large digital screen in prime shopping locations. If the user lasts 30 seconds they win a McDonald’s goodie of their choice, with a voucher sent directly to their smartphone.

Not frozen out of the market

Cadbury’s Mini Rolls recently produced a brilliant ‘Freeze Me’ campaign, which involved passers by becoming a part of the campaign by ‘freezing’ themselves on a touchscreen 6 sheet digital poster. Participants use the touch-screen to take their picture and then see their image ‘freeze’ before them. They could then choose to project their image onto huge screens throughout the mall, as well as receiving an email of their image for sharing online.

Getting into gear for sales

Finally, Land Rover has just unveiled their new outdoor digital campaign for the Range Rover Sport launch. The billboard features an accelerator pedal, responsive interactive content and directional sound, with the call to action to ‘Push the pedal hear the engine’.

For us at Nimlok it’s about seeing big in terms of how that can then work within the exhibition environment. Take a look at our recent case studies for further inspiration and examples of how we can provide our clients a great holistic offer of inventive stand design and digital engagement.

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