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Learn from Doctor Who to increase engagement at exhibitions

November 15, 2013 |

We love the BBC’s latest campaign to increase engagement and suspense for the latest 50th anniversary Doctor Who special.

Their Facebook application provides a great example of how to engage an audience, increase awareness using personalised gamification and how to integrate pre-show activity with your whole campaign.

This is certainly something that resonates with us at Nimlok as we continually help our clients raise awareness of their brands at exhibitions, with the aim of increasing their visitor numbers and conversions. Of course, a good marketing campaign should be implemented pre-show to maximise exposure during an exhibition.

So what can we learn from Dr Who?

Dr Who opening credits with Nimlok

The Doctor Who Facebook application allows users to add their name and photo to the iconic opening titles of Doctor Who to create their own personal clip.

This is a fantastic example of gamification and adding personalisation to the film clip increases the chance of it being shared.

We couldn’t resist making our own clip here.

Personalisation is a key tool that could be used in exhibiting campaigns when feasible as there’s always a certain amount of self-gratification in seeing your own brand, name or picture in the limelight.

Engaging your audience

In order to create your own personalised Doctor Who opening credits people must first ‘like’ their Facebook fan page, which increases their potential audience and provides another opportunity to engage with them. Through this process, the BBC is able to raise awareness of related content to a growing volume of contacts in the run up to the event.

This has an important resonance with exhibitors and shows the impact that raising awareness of your presence before your event can have on engagement.

Developing a clear campaign including contacting your primary base to invite them to your show is an important step in increasing engagement. If you can also mix this with an engaging campaign linked with your exhibit to make it shareable, then this will increase the multiples.

Shareable content

The final element to the Doctor Who campaign that impressed us is the integration of the #SaveTheDay hashtag. Introducing this as part of the personalised video and getting the Doctor himself to introduce #SaveTheDay in his own amusing clip integrally links the video element of their campaign to their wider pre-show campaign.

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marketing week live - Nimlok's Campaign

Integrating your campaigns and using one element to raise awareness of a wider campaign allows people to make a further action to hear more news about the event, or to add their own thoughts to the online conversation.

When we exhibited at Marketing Week Live, we integrated both online and offline campaigns to follow our on-stand fishy theme while using our hashtag #hookedonnimlok for the event to increase on-stand activity and to increase brand awareness.


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