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Looking to ignite the show floor at your next exhibition? Find out how at Marketing Week Live!

April 15, 2015 | Laura Baines

Exhibiting Fuel Icons

We’re gearing up for Marketing Week Live, with a show-stopping exhibition programme, fuelled by engaging exhibition stand design and tantalizing digital technology.

We’ll be igniting the show floor with some of the hottest exhibiting tips in the industry, guaranteed to race you to pole position ahead of your competition, as well as deliver return on your investment.

Visit us on stand MF40 and play our thrilling driving game, Fuel Your Exhibitions, where you’ll be asked to race the furthest distance around our track, picking up our exhibiting icons for fuel as you go. One lucky player could win a Porsche Boxster (for 72 hours)!

Our research at Confex this year unveiled these top three tips for fuelling your exhibitions:

Unique stand design

Every time someone comes into contact with your brand, they will experience a moment of truth that should give them a positive and consistent message. Your exhibition stand is one of your biggest brand touch points – a shop window to the show floor – and should leave a lasting impression. At Nimlok, we show you how to bring your brand to life by creating exciting and powerful 3D stand designs, using a mixture of hired and bespoke architecture to suit your budget.

Interactive content

Exhibitions are lively events, full of noise and distractions. So how do you engage with your target audience in such a crowded space? If you’re looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd think about introducing gamification. It’s amazing how a game can bring out the competitive spirit in people! Think about creating interactive content that informs and educates in a fun way. Avoid over-complicating the lead-taking process for each player with long forms to fill out; your audience is more likely to retain concepts about your product or brand that are associated with fun memories.

A well briefed team

Despite all the hubbub surrounding a show, finding time to train and brief the right staff for your exhibition stand is absolutely essential. Work out how many people you should have on your stand, the amount of traffic you expect, and how you intend to manage the enquiries on the day. A few weeks prior to the show, issue a campaign brief, which should outline top line communication objectives and allow time for feedback. You should also talk through everything from stand design to the product being shown, so everyone is on board with the campaign message and your overall show objectives. Don’t forget to take your staff on the exhibition journey early on in the planning schedule, so that they fully understand the core company objectives and feel that they can share ideas prior to the event. Finally, if there’s a digital game, quiz, animation or survey being played on your stand, give your staff plenty of time to make themselves acquainted with the technology.

To find out more visit us on MF40 at Marketing Week Live or get in touch via @NimlokUK#fuelyourexhibitions or take a virtual tour around our reception and show room by visiting