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Make sure your brand tells a story

March 19, 2014 |

In honour of the recent World Book Day we thought we’d gather together some inspirational examples of brand story telling. The brands are very different, but each campaign tries to tell the story in such a way that it will spark an immediate human response, and drive emotion. At Nimlok we’re in the business of bringing our clients’ brands to life and telling a great story in 3D, so if you’re sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin:

The beginning: Share the love

Toblerone giveaways used at International confex

This campaign by Wilkinson Sword for Valentine’s Day makes the most of a seasonal event opportunity to capture attention and continue the company’s message linking a closer shave with increased physical attraction. A simple wooden structure portraying an unshaved face, with the stalks of red roses used to form the stubble, successfully engaged a passing audience, and the video of each person or group’s encounter used to generate wider reach via social media. Gillette has a history of using campaigns around the theme of masculinity that are designed to inspire an emotional response, and such advertising shows why the company retains an estimated 70% share of the global razor blade market.

The middle:

Borrowing from the approach Coca Cola took with its ‘personalised’ bottle campaign, children’s clothing retailer Mini Boden is offering its young customers the chance to create their own cover for its catalogue. A well-known children’s artist has been enlisted as a judge, there’s a prize for 10 winners and a L1 donation per entry to charity.

The brand specialises in (their words) ‘fun, quirky’ kidswear that appeals to children ‘who think that blending in is boring’, so it’s clear how the competition fits their brand and continues the catalogue story.

The end: A snappy idea

The National Geographic escalated awareness of their new television programme with the use of this optical illusion. Passengers descending an escalator in Brazil were greeted with what appeared to be a real-life crocodile jumping out at them from a pool of water. With hundreds of thousands of Facebook shares and international print coverage, the campaign shows how one local project can reach a global audience.

Currently the Nimlok team is working on its own narrative as we recently told a great story ourselves at Confex. Our campaign has reached thousands of marketers and raised awareness of our brand and show activity. And it’s not over yet, look out for our post show research…coming soon.