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Marketing Week Live 2014: What’s your angle? Visit…Then Exhibit

May 28, 2014 |

It’s hard to believe we’re now less than a month away from Marketing Week Live 2014. My heart races with a mixture of anticipation and excitement…and for good reason.

It’s our flagship event and as we ‘exhibit exhibiting’ we need to shine. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for all exhibitors to flex their exhibiting skills and to share their knowledge.

At Marketing Week Live this year, we’ll be asking visitors why they go to exhibitions so they can understand key drivers of visiting and then use this to their advantage when they exhibit next. Thinking cohesively about the visitor experience is key and really does play a big role in positive exhibiting strategies and outcomes.

Exhibitors should look to maximise the visitor experience and make sure their needs are met.

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Some key reasons to visit exhibitions are:

  • Source

Many people visit to find new suppliers and negotiate deals and contracts. The majority of senior buyers rate exhibitions as a key purchasing trigger. Visitors will want to compare and consider suppliers’ capabilities and fits. Each supplier needs to do the best job it can to stand out in the exhibition hall. Exhibitors need to draw a crowd and then impress. Style and substance in equal measures.

  • Ideas

Being inspired and gaining new ideas is important to most visitors. They may be new to the business, or not be aware of an exhibitor’s offering. Make their life and future choice to purchase easier by making stand content compelling. Think of different ways to showcase your products and services using a mixture of physical and digital. As brand awareness is key to the purchase cycle, gaining their awareness early could help attract and retain their future sales.

  • Learn

Bringing back new knowledge to businesses is a popular theme for why people go to exhibitions. To take advantage of this, exhibitors could create a seminar area on their stand, create educational pieces digitally, or look at using a senior staff member to have a speaker slot in the official show programme to increase your brand authority.

  • Network

Not just suppliers but with everyone – strangers you meet over coffee, at a seminar, with peers, or colleagues and friends, networking is never in short demand at exhibitions! Exhibitors should provide a nurturing environment on-stand to help instigate these conversations and create memorable experiences. Plan your stand wisely with open-plan aspects for mingling and introductory conversations. Having quieter areas for meetings also help to ensure there are less distractions if you have the space.

  • Interact

It’s always great to get hands on at exhibitions to get a feel for products and services. Visitors love the touchy feely aspect of face to face. Exhibitors should make sure that they integrate some form of interactive element on-stand, whether it’s a product demonstration, a game or a survey, all are great to help create and strengthen relationships and create more meaningful dialogues.

No one can deny that the buzz that is felt at exhibitions is electric. With an orchestra of senses to be discovered, it’s a truly multi-dimensional experience that can leave visitors feeling empowered with new enthusiasm. To help your visitors reach this nirvana on your stand, you must consider the relationship between all aspects of your stand. From stand design, environment, engagement and staff conduct, all must work symbiotically. Getting this right can lead to a deeper engagement and make your stand be the one they remember at the end of the day.

If you’re planning on going to Marketing Week Live, you’ll most likely want to go for many of these reasons. Pop by our stand B180 in the Experience zone and tell us your reasons via our survey and digital game, and we’ll talk to you about how we could help your exhibiting strategy. You never know, you may also win a prize…

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