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Marketing Week Live Bibendum Winners!

July 5, 2013 |

Our 3 top fishers who played our digital ‘prize catch’ game at Marketing Week Live 2013 have been announced!

Laura Catalina at Huntingdon Life Sciences, Hannah Mumby at Vision Critical and Clym Brown at Texecom will each win L150 worth of vouchers each for a fish supper at the London restaurant Bibendum.

Nimlok's exhibition stand at Marketing Week Live

Here’s what they had to say about what made them visit our stand:

Laura Catalina at Huntingdon Life Sciences:

“I attended Marketing Week Live to discover potential new business associates and discover how other companies were creating and using booth exhibitions. Nimlok were in a great position in the exhibition hall and their stand really stood out. They were one of the few exhibitors who utilised the ceiling space above their stand and had both physical and interactive games that interested me and invited me onto the stand. ”

“Conversations centred around the games that were played rather than them trying to sell their product/service which I thought was very good. It was only after I had participated in the game and built a rapport with the staff on the stand did we begin to mention work. At this point I was happy to discuss where I worked and our needs as a business. The information provided was both insightful and helpful. ”

“As for the game – I’m not usually very good at things like that and I’m sure if I had to do it again I would probably crash into the first bubble! However, the game was fun to play and the screen set up allowed for an audience and encouraging cheers from other delegates! ”

Nimlok email with Bibendum winnersHannah Mumby at Vision Critical

“I was intrigued by Nimlok’s stand because it was very different to others at the conference. It was very interactive, unique and I thought it utilised space well “.

“I liked that the use of space on the stand was designed to give sales reps enough room to move around and guide prospects to different areas. I also thought that the use of engagement tools provided something for everybody, ranging from a digital game to videos and an old school fishing game! The range definitely made me stay on the stand longer than I usually would. ”

“The digital game was a good combination of being a simple concept and easy to understand as well as challenging, which is great! I’m really glad that I won the prize and I’m looking forward to going to Bibendum soon. ”

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