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BETA International 2008

April 3, 2008 |

The British Equestrian Trade Association annual show was held at the NEC in February.

The show is the world’s foremost equestrian and country trade exhibition. It enables retail buyers to view and compare leading brands and new products from prominent manufacturers and wholesalers. Exhibitors cover everything from equestrian to country clothing, outdoor and pet & gift market sectors. This presents a broad opportunity for retailers to strengthen and/or diversify their stock. Feature areas at the show included a new product gallery, horse demo area and an animal nutrition centre.

Pink Equine is a leading worldwide supplier of equestrian products with their own design patents including authority from Swarovski to use their CRYSTALLIZED TM – Swarovski Elements branding, making their products unique and personalised. They teamed up with Nimlok Ltd, worldwide manufacture and supplier of exhibition and event solutions to create an exhibition stand for the BETA show that would enable them to display their glamorous range of products in a way that would attract visitors old and new.

When asked ‘why did you choose a Nimlok exhibition stand’, Director of Pink Equine, Denise Field commented “We chose a Nimlok system because it is extremely flexible and we are easily able to modify stand sizes and designs to fit many different spaces “. They are so thrilled with their stand that Pink Equine will be taking it to SPOGFA Gaffe in Cologne next year, at Your Horse Live in November and it will be reconfigured for the Horse of the Year Show (Diamond Jubilee) in October.

Every exhibitor at the BETA show is automatically entered into the Best Stand Awards of which there are two categories, large (over 32sqm) and small (under 32sqm). Retail experts Nick Wrath and Caroline Reeves of the Shop & Display Equipment Association (SDEA) were the judges of the awards. The criteria they were looking for was visual appeal and originality, good use of space, clear intent of purpose, accessibility, and clear representation of products and services.

The Pink Equine exhibition stand, supplied by Nimlok, won Best Small Stand Award 2008. The judges commented “This stand was extremely well illuminated to identify the product range and its attributes very clearly. A clutter-free stand which leapt out visually by appearing bright and intriguing “.

Denise Field added “It was a very proud moment when we received the best small stand award at this leading show. The best feature of our stand is that it is modular and can be easily added to. For a small but rapidly growing company, it is important to have the ability to increase our stand size as we grow as a company, without having to start afresh with a mew system each time. The system fulfils all our requirements in that we can expand, keep it current and interesting to the customer all at the same time. It has been a very worthwhile investment.

We gained some key international and UK accounts, with many complimenting us on the way we had our products displayed, some even asking for Nimlok artwork! Our main focus was to increase Brand Awareness, which is extremely important if you are marketing a completely new product to the trade. Our bridles have a combination of matching & colour contrasting padding and are made with CRYSTALLIZED TM – Swarovski Elements. In the equestrian market, particularly bridle work has been traditionally black or brown, so our products are quite groundbreaking. It was therefore vital that we expressed the brand name to our customers to achieve the right mix of quality & innovation. We wanted a simple, understated and classy looking stand to help us achieve this goal, and thanks to Nimlok, this is what we have. Our products have been very well received and already we are looking at expanding our technique to other products such as bags and belts, so our stand could be travelling to many more shows in the coming years “.

That reusability is what helped Nimlok to gain its ISO 14001 Environmental award earlier this year.

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