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Integrating digital into stand design

May 10, 2013 |

Last year, we found out that almost 50 per cent of exhibitors at Marketing Week Live offered giveaways versus only 10 per cent who used integrated social media.

With more than half of goodie giveaways being confectionery, we’re now answering how exhibitors can include ‘considered’ content to eat into the competition for this year’s event.

Check out the full exhibition statistics from Marketing Week Live 2012 here.

Here are Nimlok’s top 5 considerations when integrating digital into stand design.

Integration is key – with ‘integrated digital’ the first word is one that is often overlooked. Digital tools won’t work if they are simply an add-on at the last stage of the planning process and doing it for the sake of it isn’t going to win visitors or business leads. It can provide an excellent focal point to your stand, or it can satisfy a specific purpose that doesn’t have to be the main event. What’s important is to set your exhibit objectives first and then consider how digital can best meet these.

What’s the platform – consider the practical elements. Make sure the technology can run (do you need internet connections?) If most visitors will be wandering around with iPads, building a game in flash won’t appeal (or indeed, work). Consider where the game, quiz, survey, or other engagement tool will fit within your stand space and design. For example, if you’ve a large space a Wii might work but with a small space, touchscreen technology might be the way forward. It sounds common sense, but the platform is crucial. Once you know WHAT you want to show scope out the ‘HOW do I best do that.’

Think about the audience – It’s important to keep in mind who you’re trying to engage and how. At an exhibition you have a captive audience so you need to have planned out how you’re asking them to engage with you and what you expect back from them in return. Digital is a strong way of capturing information and lead generation and in a face to face environment people may offer information that they’d sometimes shy away from disclosing. So maximise the face to face visitor experience, make sure your visitors remember you and continue those conversations post event using the intelligence you’ve already captured.

Bang for your buck – Whilst digital engagement tools don’t come cheap they can great give fantastic long term value and increase ROI dramatically. Consider whether the tool can be used across multiple exhibitions as part of a schedule, or as part of a campaign series to deliver better value for money. Or perhaps it could be used on a website post event. It’s proven that digital engagement is a great way to capture data and the longer this is done the better use of budget.

Campaign kudos – Your exhibiting strategy is key so make sure you create a compelling marketing communications campaign around it. Make the most of your digital investment through pre-show, during and post-show promotion. E-shots, advertising and PR are a basic starting point, but think about all on-line and off-line mediums. Social media with live tweeting and hashtags, blogs, videos and Facebook photos can help create a memorable experience even for people who can’t make the show so it’s important to promote digital engagement outside the exhibition hall and draw in a wider audience. The reach is enormous! It’s all about maximising meaningful brand exposure and return on investment. A rounded campaign will result in both.

Marketing Week Live will be held on 26th and 27th of June 2013 at the Grand Hall Olympia in London. Nimlok will be at stand B130.

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