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Nimlok and Bigmouthmedia make an impact

July 24, 2006 |

Bigmouthmedia are in the search engine optimisation, e-marketing and internet marketing business. With almost a decade of search engine experience, their knowledge and expertise gives their customers 100% confidence in achieving results, with their help.

In April this year, Nimlok set up an “Electronic Systems Architecture” team to focus on the companies web presence and needed to find a company to work with who were at the top of the SEO game. Nimlok teamed up with Bigmouthmedia and after just a few months, they are seeing exciting results.

A striking exhibition stand!

This relationship has spread further into the exhibition world. Bigmouthmedia attended the Online Marketing show at the Royal Horticultural Halls, Westminster in June this year and needed an exhibition stand that would make a striking impression. They approached Nimlok. In just a short time, Nimlok and Bigmouthmedia came up with a exhibition stand concept and it was born at the online marketing show. Heather, marketing director at Bigmouthmedia comments:

“Bigmouthmedia needed an exhibition stand that was high impact, lightweight and flexible in size. We chose Nimlok based on their longstanding reputation for meeting and exceeding their brief. And we’re glad we did. We proposed a bold site concept that might have made some exhibition stand designers run a mile. Nimlok took the challenge with both hands and developed our ideas using the basis of standard components to help keep costs down and to maximize flexibility. We’re delighted with our stand, it’s a true show stealer”.

The visit to the show proved that Bigmouthmedia are not only ahead of the game when it comes to online media, they certainly stand out in an exhibition hall. They are still following up on their leads gained at the show to measure their success, but after talking to Simon, the account director from Bigmouthmedia during a visit to Edinburgh last week, it was deemed a massive success. “Being a sponsor of a show that is so relevant to our industry was a new experience for us and it was important that we portrayed a striking message”. He added “The promotional material in the main entrance area made us a talking point even before visitors entered the main hall and saw the unique stand that Nimlok created for us. The Bigmouthmedia experience dominated the show and that was exactly what we wanted to achieve”.

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