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Nimlok goes back to school!

August 3, 2010 |

SWAN – South West Area of Northants – is a collective of 11 secondary schools and 2 further education colleges within South West Northamptonshire. There are over 20,000 students attending these institutions and Nimlok’s HR Manager, Diane Walton, participated in a SWAN Interview and CV Workshop Day at Moulton School back in June. Selected employers were invited to speak to the students about expectations in the world of work on interviews and applications. With 25 students in each of six workshops, topics covered included key words to write in CV’s, how to dress for interviews, the types of questions to ask, how to present themselves, even down to what colour pen to use! In that same week, Diane also assisted with a SWAN ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ day at Danetre School in Daventry for Year 10 students. The students were provided with details of a rundown hotel that needs to be brought back to life and had to break their teams up into General Managers, Housekeepers, Gardeners, and Restaurant Managers etc. From there they decided the name of the hotel and chose the type of hotel they wanted it to be, designed rooms, created the look and feel for the restaurant, and created the menus – all the things that could bring the hotel back to life. This day made the students work together in teams and above all use their imaginations. At Wollaston School in the same month, Diane participated in their Annual Careers Fayre. Several local employers attended plus learning establishments such as the University of Northampton, Northampton College, Tresham College, Connexions and the Armed Forces and the event was considered a great success by students, teachers and employers alike.

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