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The Sunday Times Recognises Nimlok as one of the top 20 Best Green Companies in the UK

May 26, 2009 |

Nimlok has been recognised as being one of the top 20 most environmentally responsible companies in the UK. The Sunday Times Green List published on Sunday May 24 ranks Nimlok in 19th place on this list of well known companies demonstrating real environmental credentials and leadership.

Uniquely, the Best Green Companies survey takes account of the views of employees – who get to rate their organisation’s green credentials – as well as assessing the environmental performance, policies and practices of businesses.

Nimlok, the UK’s leading exhibition and events display provider has an impressive record when it comes to avoiding the temptation to simply throw used materials away. In fact, many of the custom-made items produced by the Wellingborough-based firm are still in use 20 to 30 years after construction.

The company was the first in its industry to achieve the internationally recognised ISO 14001 certification. Nimlok ranked second overall with a positive green score (94%) for employees knowing what the ISO 14001 is. Staff also agree their organisation is well run (86%) and that colleagues think green (89%).

Nimlok shows its commitment to recycling by offering to dispose of unwanted equipment as part of its purchase agreement with clients. Employees believe Nimlok does everything it can to minimize its environmental impact (89%) and believe it is getting better at protecting the environment (94%), both top 20 scores.

Environmental awareness is ingrained in the firm’s culture, with training provided for new joiners and continually updated for all staff, who can compete for an environmental employee of the month award. Staff say the training they receive makes them think differently about what they do at home (79%), that they do not associate green issues with beards and sandals (88%), and are clear about Nimlok’s green policy (90%). Departments are audited for its environmental performance (83%, a score bettered by just five other companies) and not only do bosses encourage recycling (89%), they are open to suggestions for green improvements (90%) and committed to the environment (91%).

Managing Director of Nimlok, Tim Perutz, commented; “The team at Nimlok have worked incredibly hard to make sure Nimlok is a leader on environmental issues. We are very proud that our efforts have now been publically recognized by the Sunday Times “.

Richard Caseby, managing editor of The Sunday Times, said: “The 60 companies in this survey are all pioneers – enterprising, enlightened and fizzing with new ideas. All have a common sense of purpose about their corporate social responsibility.

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