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The flexibility of hiring an exhibition stand

November 3, 2014 |

There are many reasons why businesses choose to hire exhibition stands rather than purchase and we’re seeing this option being increasingly used by smart businesses looking to solve very particular (and also very common) exhibiting problems.

From infrequent exhibitors wanting a tailored solution without the upfront investment or to seasoned exhibitors with a dilemma of two back-to back shows, hiring exhibition stand elements provides this much needed flexibility.

Here are two video examples of how hired exhibitions stand solutions are helping two businesses:

Firetec Systems

Firetec Systems is a very new business having just celebrated their first birthday. Even in their infancy, they knew that they needed to gain some coverage by exhibiting at the Facilities Show at Excel London. So when we contacted them about their exhibiting needs, they were keen to hear about the options available to them.

David Adkins, director at Firetec Systems said: “We’re a new company with a limited budget and we have limited opportunity to really extend that budget. ”

“There were two options we could have chosen. We could have bought a stand that we could have used in the future – but again, in our infancy, we don’t do a lot of exhibitions and the fire industry doesn’t have a lot of exhibitions. So a good solution for us was to use Nimlok’s hire service. ”

For Firetec Systems, hiring was a great option as it allowed them to exhibit and establish a presence for their brand at the show. David continues, “I believe that the structure behind it, they can adapt and use on other stands, so that helps with the cost. It kept the cost competitive for us and in one year we’ve established ourselves. Nimlok have helped us to do that without any question. I’m not sure we would have achieved that without them. ”

Offshore Marine Management

Offshore Marine Management came to us with a very different exhibiting problem. They are seasoned exhibitors and we’ve been working with them in various locations to design and build their exhibition stands.

Exhibiting at two shows a week apart and in different countries (UK and Germany) they purchased one stand and then used hire as a more cost effective way to also exhibit in Germany, without the hassle and expense of having to ship a stand from one location to the next in such a short space of time.

Neil Prowse, UK sales manager at Offshore Marine Management said, “We’ve been working with Nimlok for a number of years and we find them quite flexible.

“It’s easier for us to go to Nimok to get the response that we need for which ever exhibition it is, wherever in the world. ”

“We’re running two shows in quick succession, one here and then Windforce in Germany next week. At Windforce, we’ve actually hired the equipment which gave us a little bit more flexibility so we’re not in such a rush to try and make one stand fit both locations.

For more details about hiring an exhibition stand download our Why Hire? guide.