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Old school meets new school – a match made in heaven

June 13, 2013 |

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Wedding season is upon us, so this week’s blog post takes a look at some relationship building ideas. Hopefully giving you a few ideas to spark your creative passion.

First walking down the aisle, in a marriage between old and new, is McDonald’s campaign to promote its fresh approach to food and twice-daily changing menus. As this film shows, giant chalk billboards show a changing display thanks to a local graffiti artist.

The campaign reinforces visually a message that McDonald’s has a changing menu and as such serves fresh food. And fresh ideas. The scale of the campaign is balanced in resource terms by its specific geographic base. Despite it being so ‘local’, the coverage went global.

Using a different tack, Volvic used a team-up between traditional and technology to improve its engagement. An interactive giant billboard launched last week which enables shoppers to play a digital game. They then are rewarded for squashing falling apples with a free apple drink. An online version makes the campaign work for those who can’t get to the shopping centre, and different levels of the game keep people returning for more.

Back to our world of exhibitions, we’re also looking to use old and new as the perfect fishy recipe for our own Marketing Week Live showcase. Our digital ‘Prize Catch’ game and our old school fish and hook challenge is just one of the old and new combinations we have in the planning.

We’ll be at stand B130 and please start to use the Twitter hashtag #hookedonnimlok to share your fishy jokes and puns with us!

You can also find out how we can help you spark interest from prospective customers here.

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