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Has Santa put you on the Naughty exhibiting list?

December 12, 2014 |

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so here’s our 30 second Christmas quiz to find out if you’re on Santa’s Naughty or Nice exhibitor list. We hope you are on the Nice list this year, but if not, don’t fret – we have plenty of hints and tips to help you improve your exhibiting strategy and put your name front and centre on Santa’s nice list once and for all!


From everyone at Nimlok, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a successful 2015.

Count up how many A, Bs and Cs you answer to find out which list you’re on. Then share your answer by tweeting us @NimlokUK!

1. At your last exhibition did you tell potential visitors you were at the show?

If anyone asked us then we told them where we’d be (C)

Yes but we only messaged our current clients (B)

Yes we did a full marcomms campaign to our target audience (A)

2. Did you have any on-stand engagement or activity?

Yes we used digital elements on-stand (including games, surveys and interactive portfolios) that were tied into our on-stand theme and used as sales tools (A)

No, but we had plenty of brochures and leaflets to hand (C)

Yes we held a prize draw or competition (B)

3.Did you capture visitor data?

Yes a game captured their name, company and email address (A)

We had a data scanner that scanned their badge (B)

We wrote on the back of a business card which we put in fishbowl on-stand (C)

4. At your last exhibition, did you use promotional giveaways?

No (C)

Yes, we made sure they tied in with our campaign (A)

Yes, we had a few generic giveaways, like sweets or pens (B)

5. Did you measure ROI?

No (C)

Yes, we measured the number of appointments, leads or sales made directly from the event (A)

Yes, we measured the number of people that came on stand (B)

6. How did you keep your stand staff motivated?

Didn’t need to, they were happy to be there (B)

We gave on-stand staff clear goals to achieve. If they reached their goal, then we incentivised their efforts (A)

We told them to drink lots of coffee during their breaks (C)

7. Did your deliver your exhibition presence on budget?

Don’t know! (C)

No because we added in extra elements to put on a bigger show (B)

Yes (A)

Mostly As

Wow, you are a fantastic exhibitor – you’re definitely on the Nice list!

You know how to work a crowd and amaze visitors with your on-stand activity. Your targeted freebies given with kindness to everybody that you talk to on-stand will leave them feeling like its Christmas every day. You know how to give them a good experience and they’ll certainly remember you for it!

Make sure that you continue to monitor your ROI at every event to make sure you’re delivering against your budget.

Mostly Bs

Santa’s not too sure which list you should be on … He thinks your exhibiting skills are good and excellence is in your sight, but you need to make the refining touches to hone your skills.

To make the nice list, you’ll need to make sure you tell the relevant people of your plans. Maximise your marketing campaign; tie in some intelligent digital engagement and relevant giveaways, as well as making sure you get something back from your visitors by way of data.

Keep up the motivation as that’s key for Santa to recognise your exhibiting efforts as you strive for perfection.

Mostly Cs

Oh Rudolf! It looks like Santa has put your name on the Naughty list.

Your exhibiting skills look the part on the day, but you are prone to naughtiness! Your stand might look nice but it will have the capability to shine if you start following best practice. While looks might get you through, there needs to be some on-stand substance and you need to dig those hooves in deep to inspire your audience. Thinking about your ROI is a must!

Just as children across the globe leave mince pies and milk (and sometimes beer) as motivation and a thank you to Santa, you must keep your on-stand staff motivated by including them in your pre and post show objectives and bringing them with you on your journey. As well as a good stand briefing to get them ready for action, an incentive awarded for the best results never fails.