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Should I attend an event as an exhibitor? Heres a few tips to help you decide….

April 19, 2012 | Gemma Russo

Now that our budgets are planned out for the year it’s a great time to considering whether to bring out your old stand or invest in a new exhibition stand or display, and attend some events.

It’s always worth evaluating whether it’s the right time or place to exhibit or not.

– Have a review of the events you are currently attending and their previous success/ failures/ it can help you consider whether you want to attend again.

– Is the event you’re considering within your budget. Will you get a good ROI by attending?

– Is the event in a good location? If your company services a particular area of the country, then local events are great. If you want to expand into new markets in new areas, you could investigate shows that attract prospects in those areas.

– Is the event at a good time of year for you? Ensure that you’re not going to sacrifice other elements of your business just to attend an exhibition

– Is the event right for your audience? Think about your buyers/visitors and look for shows that will attract the right people for you.

– How many visitors attend these events? Has it been a successfully attended show previously?

– Look at how a show is promoted- is it well publicised and promoted and offers you opportunities to get your brand out there?

If you are unsure about exhibiting and don’t want to invest a huge amount in an exhibition stand, there are always more budget solutions such as hire stands or modular displays which can help ease the impact on the budget but still allow you to take a uniquely designed and impactful stand.

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