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Stand to visual attention!

December 2, 2014 |

Ok. So you’ve a great looking stand, everyone knows the exhibition strategy, a strong team at the helm and you’ve compelling arguments about why those busy exhibition visitors should engage with your brand.

But there’s something lurking in the background, it’s bigger than all of you and it’s dominating the first conversation before anyone has even opened their mouth. The graphic design, colours and messaging on your exhibition stand!

When you’ve spent so long getting the architectural design of your stand right, then a simple stumble on the visuals can put paid to that hard work.

We’ve all seen walls that are trying to tell people far too much in a tiny space so you can only read the content when you have your nosed pressed to the stand and the STANDS THAT LIKE TO SHOUT AT PEOPLE WITH LOTS OF !!!!! and randoM fontS AND CaseS.

Here are some quick wins and sins from the graphic designers at our on-site agency Creative Bridge.


    • Use imagery to convey your message. A powerful image or graphic says more than 1,000 words put together


    • The devil is in the detail. Make sure the images you use are good enough quality when scaled up, and check that your graphics will work across your stand architecture. Images will be used at 300dpi resolution so need to be of a large size in this format to work on an exhibition stand


  • The below image shows the value of planning space correctly and thinking about the folds, bends and curves in your stand design