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Talk to your customers face to face

December 18, 2013 |

Vibrant graphics – check. Imposing and engaging stand – check. Innovative digital data capture – check. But what about your marketing message?

McKinsey Exhibit report

Creating a successful exhibition presence requires a lot of elements, which is why we loved this reminder from McKinsey. Its recent research of leading b2b global brands, highlighted the importance of face to face communications and brand messages – and the gap many organisations are creating between themselves and their customers.

The survey of more than 700 global executives – all with purchasing power – showed that the majority didn’t place value on the messages b2b companies used the most in their communications.


So, for example, the most popular themes used by the 90 b2b global brands including social responsibility, sustainability, and global reach, appeared to have minimal influence on a buyer’s perceptions of a brand. And the buyers’ collective stated desire to work with companies that care about customers and has open dialogue, was a message none of the top b2b companies aligned themselves with.

In key stats terms, 17% of purchasers stated caring about customers and open dialogue was key to their brand strength, but 0% of the global b2b companies stated an affiliation with this theme. And 86% of global companies stated corporate social responsibility was big for them, but none of the purchasers put value on this.

In addition to messaging, the survey also drew out the importance of face to face communication, with personal interaction with sales representatives being the most influential factor in a purchasing decision. Face-to-face and phone contact with sales representatives ranked highest among B2B customers considering, evaluating, and purchasing products, as well as in product-loyalty decisions.

So in short, getting your brand message and communications right in the f2f arena, such as exhibitions, makes for a more successful supplier/customer relationship going forward. For our customers, our services go far beyond a uniquely-designed stand, and research we’ve gathered at exhibitions illustrates how companies canbenefit from good exhibiting practice and how we can help them deliver improved ROI at their events.

After all in we’re in the business of ‘exhibiting how to exhibit’.


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