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Tech-addict? Why not sleep on it

August 14, 2014 |

There’s no rest for the wicked so the saying goes, but if Ofcom’s latest report is to be believed, there’s little rest for the wi-fied generation either.

Rather than catching 40 winks, the average adult is spending eight hours 41 minutes each day using media or communications – 20 minutes more than they claim to spend in slumber.

Person texting in Oxford, photo courtesy of Kamyar Adl

Whilst TV watching has dipped, social media and smartphone/tablet usage is on the increase and six in every 10 people surveyed said they now completed work tasks outside of paid hours.

In this digital multi-tasking age, this got me thinking about the opportunities and challenges for exhibitors. Simply put, how does an exhibition stand keep today’s tech-driven visitors turned on and tuned in?

Keep it integrated

Ditch the duvet and embrace digital. From working pre-event to launching your own hashtag or SMS through to gamification and stand content, digital offers a way into the world of your audience 24/7. To ensure eyes are kept on your stand and not solely on smartphone screens you need to ensure the exhibition community is being entertained. Consider how digital could be incorporated into your stand approach in a meaningful way to start or continue a conversation or convey an idea or brand story. As a stand-alone, digital will have minimum impact but integrate it into your exhibiting campaign and technology can be a way to engage and build that all important sales database.


The digital world works while brands sometimes sleep. So use that out of hours’ time as an opportunity to start a valuable conversation. What are visitors doing the night before the exhibition if they aren’t sleeping? Plugging the venue postcode into Google maps to work out what time they need to get up, checking out exhibitor lists and linking up via social media with people they want to seek out. Make sure your brand can be heard outside of work hours and that you’ve someone listening. Show them the prep and build up to your event presence and let them share in your hard work. Also during work hours keep people interested on social media by updating your campaign with tweets and pictures of people engaging. You snooze, you lose!

Keep all senses refreshed

Exhibitions can be tiring as visitors have a lot to see. Just think of your stand as an oasis of calm. Draw those sleepy smartphone users with what technology can’t (yet) offer. Coffee and a chair.

Sweet dreams!

Photo credit: Kamyar Adl on Flickr, ‘Texting’, CC2.0