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The mark of a good campaign

July 19, 2013 |

Most of our clients come to us as they want to spread their message. So we loved the creativity behind this campaign, which sought to do just that – looking at the spread of germs.

Taking a large scale event (this case 80,000 spectators at Hamburg’s Marathon), the team for Antiseptica, a German hand sanitizer, gave six runners runner stamps and ink bands. Those reaching out to give them encouraging high-fives on their way round were stamped, and found the message “That’s exactly how nasty germs spread,” on their own palms. Promotional teams handed out the disinfectant on the spot — letting the spectators wipe away germs, and also the stamp, quickly. Check out for other great inspiration.

Closer to home, we also noticed the Holland & Barrett ‘Ask Us Anything’ marketing campaign. For the next month they are offering customers a 20 per cent discount if staff cannot answer product-related questions. It’s a wise move as it’s directly linked to customer experience, and a business strategy that aims to train staff at the Holland & Barrett Natural Health Academy.

Both campaigns caught our eye as they could work well in the confined, but well-attended, space of a conference or exhibition hall, but also as they have a clear link between creativity, campaign and cause. As our new case study section shows, it’s something we strongly believe in.

One example is our successful project with Novo Nordisk which has seen us scoop an AEO award. The client, a global healthcare company, had a main objective to have a welcoming, engaging and accessible space without enclosing walls. Easy entry for visitors plus sufficient space for the Novo team to demonstrate their product range and to provide hospitality were key. A large suspended banner created an eyecatching display and conveyed important messages from a distance. We developed an animated timeline to showcase the client’s role in diabetes.

A landing page enabled users to view one of two videos which supported key messages and the client sponsored a symposium to boost presence. Post show analysis showed there were in excess of 2000 visitors to the stand each day which was a huge spike in traffic compared to previous years.

Another example of our (award-winning!) creativity is the Capita campaign. With talking bags complete with augmented triggers, we helped the client get leads, well, in the bag! By engaging visitors using different demonstration, innovation and interactive areas, including 20 demonstration screen pods, a theatre style presentation area, seamless plasma wall and independent meeting area, we helped deliver a 59 percent increase in stand traffic, with quality leads and a great deal of positive feedback.

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