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The power of face to face

August 6, 2014 |

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a big believer in the power of face-to-face marketing. Despite the myriad of other mediums available to us marketing pros (and of course, I employ a mixture of all of them in my own work), I remain convinced you have no better opportunity to increase awareness of your brand than physically being in the same room as the people you’re trying to target.

Nimlok Ltd's exhibition stand and on-stand digitl engagement at Marketing Week Live


With this in mind I was heartened to read the latest set of statistics from the Bellwether survey, which show that – once again – event budgets are on the rise. The research, taken from a study of 300 marketing executives, shows that marketing budgets have once again been revised upwards in Q2 – the longest period of continuous growth in the survey’s history. And one of the areas that’s benefiting from the renewed sector confidence is event spend.

So, great news that marketers have more money in their pockets to spend on presenting their brands in 3D during the exhibition calendar, and consequently that they’re reaping the benefits exhibiting can bring – but how do they go about making sure they’re spending this extra cash wisely?

For me, it’s all about making savvy investments that achieve multiple goals and this is where digital engagement tools, particularly on-stand games, quizzes, or surveys can be applied really well. They’re fun and certainly attract people to visit your stand to see and hear what you’ve got to say. They also get visitors interacting and engaging with your brand. And on top of that, they’re a quick and easy way to capture data that will help you make sure you’re targeting the right people. So I wasn’t surprised to read a recent article about how gamification is becoming a ‘must-have’ for marketers looking to increase awareness of their brand.

If your budget won’t stretch to gamification, marketers are always keen to learn how to maximise their budget regardless. That’s why I find facetime such an informative source of information for anyone in a face to face marketing environment. Check out their latest tips and report downloads here.

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