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Up your game when exhibiting

August 8, 2013 |

At Nimlok we’re a huge fan of on-stand gamification. It’s a marketers dream and now not a budget holder’s nightmare as the cost of digital declines and the possibilities soar.

From our own digital fishing game at Marketing Week Live to card games, shooting games, choice games and brain teaser challenges delivered for clients via our in-house agency Creative Bridge, the limits of digital are generally those of imagination. It offers a way for people to engage with your brand on-stand where they may otherwise stroll on by. But not only is it a conversation starter, it’s a lead generator given the information that can be captured and information conveyed pre, during and post play.

One campaign that caught our eye marries augmented (another tool in our kit) with game theory. Check out J2O’s human fruit machine. Not only, given gambling link, does it clearly position the drink as an adult one (‘see you at the bar message reinforcing this’) but the campaign also associates the brand with social events and bringing people together. Why target one person, when you can reach four in one go?

Check out Marketing Magazine’s take on it here.

In other news, this article showcases some real innovative and creative thinking from across the globe – matched with clear business objectives. From beer mats that worked as train tickets (upping sales and reducing drink driving) to (given our weather, very topical link) a McDonalds promotion to Germany that saw a giant QR codes used. Once the advert was scanned, the smartphone user was given directions to their nearest McDonalds and a countdown to collect their free ice cream. If they reached the counter before the countdown ended, they got their free reward. And no doubt purchased something else while there …

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