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Why Exhibit- Key benefits of exhibiting

May 3, 2012 | Gemma Russo

We know here at Nimlok that exhibitions can provide the best face to face communication in your marketing tool box. Bringing together all your key stakeholders in one location to provide a stage to launch new products, generate interest, build your brand with customers and media, generate leads and help retain your existing customers.

What’s better than those visitors who have taken the time to attend an event or exhibition- they are serious prospects who are potentially sourcing new information or suppliers.

Setting objectives as to what you want to achieve from exhibiting is really important. So what are the simple things to consider when deciding whether to exhibit:


  • Exhibiting can help generate sales leads for your team. Not sure getting business cards in a goldfish bowl but setting appointments, distributing collateral etc. The potential for long term leads is great
  • Achieve direct sales. Some exhibitions allow you to sell product on your stand or make sales at the show.
  • Building a database. All those leads you generate have the potential to become customers of the future. It’s a great way to obtain clean, up to date data to target your audience.

Customer Relationships

  • You can build relationships with your current customers by asking them to attend a meeting at the show.
  • You can then educate existing and potential customers on your offering at your stand. By creating a stand that educates your customer they have the opportunity to find out things about you they never knew and you can upsell and cross sell.
  • Up sell and cross sell opportunities
  • You also have a great reason to target your lapsed customers by inviting them to see what is new about you at the show.

Market Research

  • You can take a new product to the marketplace to test before you even launch it
  • You can conduct research and plan ideas for new marketing campaigns
  • You can even test market awareness and perceptions at the show of your brand or products
  • It’s also potentially a great opportunity to view what your competition is up if they are also exhibiting

Media and Public Relations

  • You have the opportunity to go into the lions den and build relationships with key editors and journalists at show
  • This can help generate pre, during and post show media coverage for your brand

Brand Building

  • You have the opportunity to expose your brand to your potential audience and build market awareness of your organisation
  • You can even change old perceptions of your brand by positioning yourself in a new way

Building your reputation

  • You can identify new distribution partners, sales channels and build a great reputation as an exhibiting partner

Our team are always on hand to support you through any decision to exhibit and of course when deciding what type of exhibition stand you may need. The decision to exhibit can be one of our biggest marketing expenses of the year but it can also be one of your most rewarding.

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