Event Branding

Event branding

Nimlok can work with you to give maximum impact at your event branding.

An exhibition stand solution can help reinforce your messages at an event or even through a showroom display.

Event Branding

Nimlok offer a range of indoor and outdoor display solutions that provide effective branding solutions in and around an event venue, helping to reinforce your messages, take "visual ownership" of your venue and give your brand maximum visibility.

With a variety of portable indoor and outdoor displays that can be displayed anywhere, semi-permanent displays that can be customised to your specific requirements or within the constraints a venue may present and bespoke solutions that turn the outer shell of a unique location into a corporate statement inside, we work with your to help enhance your event. We have worked with clients to transform their events, providing;

  • Outdoor branding including flags & signs
  • Branded reception and registration areas
  • Graphic signs and displays throughout event venues
  • Printed conference backdrops
  • Press/Flash backdrops
  • Sponsor Stand Pacakges - download our ESSP (event sponsors stand package) here...

If you would like to find out more about Nimlok's Event Branding Solutions call us on 0800 111 4001 or email us with your questions.