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Offering interaction on stand without breaking the bank – BNP Paribas


BNP Paribas Stand

NAPF Annual Conference, ACC Liverpool, Oct 2014, Hybrid, 7m x 6m

The challenge

BNP Paribas were looking to create real impact at this show, to help raise their brand awareness in the UK. They had acquired a large stand space in a prime spot within the exhibition arena, but as a consequence had a limited budget to spend on design and digital engagement. Our team was asked to incorporate two distinct brands into the stand – BNP Paribas Investment Partners and BNP Paribas Securities Services – ensuring both worked together and were seen as one company. The company also wanted a dedicated space to emphasise its strong connections to tennis as a major sponsor of many tournaments, and an interactive element to the stand.

Our response

We combined two of the company’s objectives into one with the creation of a simple, fun touch-screen tennis-themed game called ‘Pat for Cash!’

The objective of the game was to hit as many tennis balls as possible within a certain time frame, as they flew towards you on a screen. Each ball was given aBNP Paribas Montage different points value, reflecting its speed, and the highest scores obtained were entered onto a leaderboard for the chance to win prizes.

We pre-loaded the data of all pre-registered delegates, ensuring maximum ease of playing for the majority of stand visitors, and provided a function to capture the data of other attendees for follow-up post show.

Meanwhile, we were also creative in our design of the stand architecture and graphics. We visually represented both divisions of the company in the curved design, incorporating space for a large screen and bank of iPads to demonstrate the company’s tool-DNA (data navigation analysis), seating, storage and literature holders.

The result

BNP Paribas reported good feedback from visiting customers to their stand, as well as a large amount of interest in their offering. Their exhibition presence was boosted by a visit from ex-professional tennis player Pat Cash, whose attendance on stand provided a further draw when combined with the tennis-themed game we had developed.

“We were delighted with the exposure we had at the event. We had fantastic feedback both from the BNP Paribas delegates and from many of the event attendees. The stand really workPat for Cash Game - BNP Paribased – right from the visual effect through to the use of space – and the interactive game helped generate interest and ensure a steady flow of visitors. It also provided us with some great connections, both in terms of networking at the event and gathering insight into who had visited the stand.”

Brad Bell – Institutional marketing manager at BNP Paribas.

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