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3m backwall NP_thumb

ONLY £ 1,024.00

3m back wall self build kit


2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w)

3x2 corner NP_thumb

ONLY £ 1,719.00

3x2m 'L'shaped self build kit


3m wall: 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w) 2m wall: 2400mm (h) x 2000mm (w)

3x2 1open NP_thumb

ONLY £ 2,559.00

3x2m 'U'shaped self build kit


3m wall: 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w) 2m sidewall: 2400mm (h) x 2000mm (w)

3x3 corner NP_thumb

ONLY £ 1,769.00

3x3m 'L'shaped self build kit


Each 3m wall: 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w)

3x3 1open NP_thumb

ONLY £ 2,764.00

3x3m 'U'shaped self build kit


Each 3m wall: 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w)

4x3 corner NP_thumb

ONLY £ 2,379.00

4x3m 'L'shaped self build kit


3m backwall: 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w) 4m sidewall: 2400mm (h) x 4000mm (w)

4x3 1open NP_thumb

ONLY £ 3,209.00

4x3m 'U'shaped self build kit


3m backwall: 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w) 2x4m side walls: 2400mm (h) x 4000mm (w)


ONLY £ 674.00

Horizontal wave kit


2340mm (h) x 2845mm (w) x 600mm (d)


ONLY £ 674.00

Vertical wave kit


2310mm (h) x 2900mm (w) x 605mm (d)


ONLY £ 535.00

Small portable fabric display


2100 (h) x 975 (w) x 350mm (d)


ONLY £ 799.00

Medium portable fabric display


2100 (h) x 1950 (w) x 350mm (d)


ONLY £ 740.00

Portable fabric counters


975 (h) x 975 (w) x 350mm (d)

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Fabric Banner Stands

Portable displays with removable, machine-washable graphics

Nimlok’s portable fabric displays are a light weight aluminum frame display system designed to create frameless and seamless display options. Available in small, medium and large configurations, portable fabric display kits create impact for either permanent or quick change applications, such as exhibition backdrops, promotions, point of sale and field marketing displays.

Portable fabric displays are created using Nimlok fabric graphics which are lightweight, easy to store and transport without damage and are even machine washable at 30 degrees. These displays can be used as a single or double sided display, with graphics that can be changed easily and quickly.

Nimlok fabric graphics are edged with silicon bead that simply slots into the specially designed channel in the frame. The main fabric display unit can be easily assembled and dismantled without tools and you can easily pack down the frame.

If you would prefer a more traditional exhibition display then check out our range of pop up displays which come as either curved or straight portable solutions. Assembled in seconds they can form a super sturdy display as they pop into their shape with minimum fuss.

We have a portable fabric display specification sheet available to download from the website and this tells you all you need to know about how to set up this simple exhibition display.

We have a fantastic range of other portable displays available, if you would like to learn more contact our team on 0808 252 0066 who will be happy to guide you through our range.