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Exhibition stand design and build

Looking for an exhibition stand design and build supplier that can give you confidence, stretch your budget, draw bigger crowds and increase your ROI?

At Nimlok, we design and build award-winning, engaging, custom-designed exhibition stands.

See how we give you confidence and reduce your investment:

How we stretch your budget with hire:

We know that marketers are often asked to do more with less. To deliver bigger and better stands than your competitors – Nimlok turns the seemingly impossible into a possible.

Although a tough challenge, Nimlok makes this possible using our subtle blend of hired architecture with custom features to maximise your return on investment.

By investing less on the architecture and storage costs, we can make sure that your budget is spent on drawing a crowd of engaged potential customers using clever design features. We do this with the addition of custom elements and stunning graphics. To turn your engaged crowd into tangible returns, we also deliver on-stand digital engagement.

Find out how our blend of bespoke hire exhibition stands can reduce your investment.

How our team of exhibition designers give you quality assurance:

We have the most comprehensive team and production capability in the events industry. What’s better is that they are all under one roof.

Our 100-strong team of experts includes consultants, stand designers, digital experts, project managers, printers, welders, sewers, engineers, joiners and AV technicians to provide a complete service from design to installation.

With everybody under one roof, you can be sure that the exhibition stand design and build service we provide is second to none.

Find out more about how our team will work with you.

How our unique on-site previews give you confidence:

Exhibitions, trade shows and events are a big investments both financially and emotionally.

Can you afford to trust that your 2D image of your stand will deliver on your expectations?

We don’t think so.

This is why we provide a hands on experience throughout your decision making process:

Showroom visit: When you visit Nimlok, we think it’s important to show you real examples of what we do – not just photos or 3D renders. Our inspiring showroom is filled with examples of our finish selections and digital engagement tools.

Materials hub: When selecting the substrates to design your exhibition stand with, we can show you our materials hub. This gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision about the options to design your stand with.

Pre-build: For full peace of mind, we build your stand before the event. The alternative? You could risk turning up to your event to see your stand for the very first time and not like what you see.

Our pre-build lets you view the stand, run through the detail with your project manager and test your audio visual content before the event. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to turn up to on the day.

Preview our showroom and book your visit today.