Engaging Exhibition Stands

We don’t just design and build stands, we deliver engaging exhibition stands with content that drives interactions and results.

Nimlok UK 2018 AEO Stand design & build supplier of the year

Delivering Exhibiting ROI is Our Mission

We are an award-winning team of exhibiting experts that create custom build and design exhibition stands with a unique difference.

We believe the pinnacle of exhibiting is a beautifully designed stand that has cost less than traditional custom design and build; yet simultaneously increases your returns. It’s the definition of exhibiting ROI.

Whether your objectives are to gain new sales leads, increase brand exposure, host clients, conduct demonstrations, showcase your products, or grow media coverage, our team will help you get there.

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Nimlok's Exhibiting Formula

Our unique ability to deliver interactive branded content and engagement tools using our in-house digital design, digital development and AV teams is providing our clients with incredibly powerful tools.

These tools drive interactions, spark conversations and deliver memorable experiences; while simultaneously providing the data to evidence exhibiting ROI.

Custom Stand Design with Bespoke Hire

At the same time, we approach custom design and build differently. Bespoke hire might sound like an oxymoron, but this unique formula is helping Nimlok exhibitors achieve more for less. Our formula blends hired architecture with custom elements.

No longer is stunning custom exhibition stands the preserve for those investing huge sums of money.

Nimlok’s new way of exhibiting surprises marketers who find they can upgrade their exhibition presence sooner than planned – and deliver increased ROI.

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Why Work With Us?

Stretch Your Budget

Stretch Your
Budget Further

Our unique blend of bespoke hired architecture with custom features and graphics delivers beautiful stands that stretch beyond the realms of conventional custom design and build.

Deliver Engaging Stands

Deliver More
Engaging Stand

With the combination of creative design and engagement tools, we can help to draw a crowd, start more conversations, capture more data and deliver a memorable experience.

Worldwide Reach

Exhibit Worldwide
with Confidence

Work with one trusted partner, no matter which country your exhibition is held. As a worldwide exhibition supplier, we can supply your exhibition stands locally across the world.​

Services all under one roof

All Services Under
One Roof

We provide strict quality control by having all of our services and 100-strong team at our state of the art facility. From creative design, to fabrication, print, AV and installation.


Experience Your Stand in Advance

See and feel your stand before the show for added peace of mind in advance of your forthcoming event.

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