Our History

Story of Nimlok

Like most successful brands, Nimlok was born from a problem that needed solving. Our inventor, Neil Nimmo was a professional commercial photographer who was looking for a better way to showcase his work in front of clients. His simple solution, a pole and a panel that locked together saw his name and that function merge to create Nimlok ad so our amazing journey begin, all the way back in 1970.

Over the next 4 decades Nimlok became a world famous brand for innovative exhibition display and stand products that built on its founding modular principal.  Rapid growth including opening in the USA and Canada in the 1980’s, under the co-founding Perutz family’s care, saw the product range expand and, design services grow. 


During the first decade on the new century (2000) Nimlok’s product range continued to evolve to meet the needs of ever larger and more ambitious demands that saw installation and printing services added to the offering.

By 2011 Nimlok had become as much about the design and services.  Its new Managing Director, James Rook shifted its focus to the design and delivery of traditionally custom built stand projects, addressing the market differently with a unique blend of a “behind the scenes” modular structure and totally custom features and details.

Not only was the build method unique, but also the basis on which it was offered. Nimlok’s business had transformed from selling stand architecture to hiring it, in response to a market where Nimlok observed increasing numbers of infrequent exhibitors and ever greater demand for flexibility.

As well as innovation in ‘what’ and ‘how’ we were delivering, the ‘why’ question lead to further evolution with Nimlok focusing on designing the on-stand activity and content as well as the environment itself. 

In 2013 an agency partnership saw Nimlok begin its Journey to “engaging exhibition stands” with pioneering work creating games, apps, survey and interactive content specifically to help exhibitors engage their audience and enhance results. This move was paired with the launch of Nimlok’s in house AV division as content testing and integration became as important as Nimlok’s much cherished stand pre-build process.

By 2015 Bespoke Hire and Engagement have become the pivotal drivers of Nimlok’s success and in 2016 a full in house agency team including graphic & digital capability was integrated.

Today Nimlok’s mission to deliver increased exhibitor ROI sees it’s 100 strong team deliver over 450 installed projects in over 20 countries and growing!

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