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Nimlok Analytics



Visitor dwell time on stand
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Hot spot and stand journey mapping


Passing and on stand footfall

Nimlok Analytics is a new service combining our technical expertise with cutting edge new technology to deliver a clearer picture of your exhibiting ROI, enabling marketers to benchmark show, team, layout and feature performance.


How does it work?

The technology identifies unique individuals by their passive mobile signals and requires no consent or specific downloads, just venue WIFI. Our AV technicians install the discreet sensors and configure them to suit your stand and preferences. Using our online portal, you can view insights in real-time or assess them post-event. There is also the option for additional plugins including facial recognition technology to capture visitor gender, age and emotion.

Nimlok Analytics Sensors

Analytical Heatmap

Why do I need it?

This fast, simple and cost-effective analysis insight enables you to compare show performances, make informed decisions about product or feature prominence, assess team performance and build a detailed set of numbers to guide future exhibiting strategy.