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3 ways to use proximity triggered content to connect with your audience

Proximity triggered content

Proximity triggered content is making it easier than ever for exhibitors to connect with their audience to deliver positive and memorable experiences.

To deliver this content, all you need is a digital engagement tool that uses location based technology to directly communicate with an audience via their mobiles and tablets or AV equipment on your exhibition stand.

Here are our top three ways you can connect with your audience on your exhibition stand using proximity technology and triggered content:

1) Entice your audience to your stand

Don’t just wait for passers-by, bring visitors directly to your stand using beacon triggered messaging.

A beacon placed on your stand can trigger a compatible device up to 70 metres away and allow visitors using that device to access your latest and greatest content.
Whether that’s a special offer at the show, your latest product news or even just directions to your stand, the beacon will send a push-notification to their device.

The tricky bit with this technology is ensuring visitors already have an app or another piece of compatible software which can read the beacon.

Here, there is an opportunity pre-show to encourage users to download the app or software before they come to the event and input their details and preferences, so content is personalised to them when they attend.

Different messages can also be targeted at different specified distances to create a customer journey through the show.

Proximity triggered content

2) Tailor content to visitor preferences

If you want to be really clever at targeting content to your audience, why not let your audience be the beacons?

Beacon technology can be scaled right down to something as small as a badge to hand out to visitors attending a show.

While on mass the technology can be pricey, if you can use it effectively, you could potentially see a high return on investment.

By segmenting visitors attending a show by the beacon you give them, you can better target the content that’s shown to them on your AV screens or devices.

3) Launch educational content in context

Near field communication (NFC) can help re-imagine how you display and educate visitors about your products on stand.

The technology works when an NFC tag is touched against a hotspot, exactly like when you use an oyster card (the tag) and touch it on the card reader (the hotspot) in an underground station.

By placing a tag – potentially made to look like your product – onto a table top (the hotspot), a screen can then display interactive information relating to that product. This could include images, text, videos and animations. You can also use multiple hotspots on the same table to launch different content, dependent on where the tag is placed, to make product comparisons easy.

See it in action

If all this seems to you to be the sci-fi stuff of the future, why not see how we used NFC triggered content in our new game at Marketing Week Live 2016.

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