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New year, new stand; amaze visitors with these design trends

Every year our designers are faced with the same challenge; “we need a new stand, but could you do something similar to our last one?”.

While this seems a sound strategy in principal, brands risk design stagnation. The exhibition hall is a great place to show the audience your ability to evolve while remaining true to the essence of who you are. With this in mind, we’re exploring new exhibition stand design trends for the new year that might just inspire your own re-design. Here’s what to look out for:

2017 is the year to show strength, quality and stability with exhibition stand design

Whenever there has been turbulence in world politics, all eyes look to the economy and buyers naturally search for opportunities to make sound investments with established or stable companies. Using your exhibition stand as a platform to demonstrate that your company is safe and secure is a big way to do just that.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that hand-crafted finishes and furniture are coming to the forefront of design. They demonstrate undying craftsmanship that’s been going strong for centuries – evoking feelings of comfort and confidence. This trend tends to reference more natural materials such as wood, and shapes inspired by nature itself such as the hexagons of honeycomb.

Natural materials and textures used in design

The beauty of this trend is that it gives so much scope to create something stunning to impress visitors with. Creating something truly bespoke often differentiates a brand from others who run towards the safety of what they’ve always known.

2017 is the year to be sustainable

While concern for the environment is nothing new, a focus on the importance of saving it is growing. While governments battle to combat large scale global warming, more of us are starting to understand the commercial viability and the cost savings to be made by making the smaller changes to being more sustainable.

Going hand in hand with the natural handcrafted style of trend number one, using compressed or recycled materials such as chipboard or recycled carpet keeps costs down while being kinder on the environment. The continuing trend of upcycling furniture, or creating something new out of the unexpected, such as palettes, also provides a stylish bespoke finish on any exhibition stand.

Exhibition stand design using sustainable chipboard finishes and bespoke made palette wood seating

Another environmental factor is the ability to re-use stand elements, rather than continually creating and destroying bespoke elements of the architecture or furniture. For example, with Nimlok’s hire inventory, parts of a stand can be used over and over at much better value for money. Even better, different pieces of architecture can be used each time to continually update a stand’s look throughout its show programme.

2017 is the year to keep prospects close but existing clients closer

While amazing exhibition stand design should impress a new audience to the brand, it’s also an opportunity to tighten your existing client relationships. If times get tougher, you want to be able to rely on their custom!

Building hospitality onto your stand is a fantastic way of rewarding the customers who visit you at a show, and helps increase dwell time to open up those all-important conversations. Bars, comfortable seating areas and even something simple such as phone charging points will make clients grateful for services that leave them feeling refreshed, rested and re-charged!

Bars and comfortable seating areas to rest and revitalise visitors

New year, new stand

If you’re ready to change your stand’s look, we have a dedicated showroom and materials hub to inspire your imagination. If you would like some expert advice and to make a visit, please click here. Alternatively, to find out more about our exhibition stand design services, you can view information here.

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