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Bold is Beautiful – how to stand out at Olympia Beauty 2015

A stunningly designed stand will attract visitors like bees and make your brand’s messages stick like honey.

Exhibitions like Olympia Beauty 2015 bring showbiz to the business world, so make sure your company’s pitch is beautifully made-up and rehearsed to perfection.

Here are 5 of the best ways to grab the attention of the crowd …


Clever lighting creates instant impact for minimal investment and is a key component of any mood you want to convey.

As with any big production, plan well in advance and experiment with the power of downlights, uplights, LEDs and floodlights. Strong lighting creates eye-catching drama on a stand, while subtle lighting brings a relaxed, intimate atmosphere to meeting areas so great conversations can take place.

Beam spotlights onto star products you want to place centre stage. Accentuate your logo with a halo lighting effect, or use backlights and light boxes to show off great-looking graphics and pictures.

Gripping graphics

To grab maximum numbers, your stand must dress to impress.


The average exhibition attendee will walk past you in 3-4 seconds, so to engage them instantly, remember a picture speaks 1000 words.

High-quality images will bring your campaign punch and pizzazz. Typography can be used to hammer your brand message home and in this arena, the bigger and bolder, the better.

Keep text to a minimum, as there’s no time to read more than a handful of words. Colour cuts it on a stand, but a mix of monochrome typefaces on a plain background will be arresting too.

Lights, camera, action

Live demonstrations have proved their worth as a sales tactic in the US and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Advertise a schedule of ‘live theatre’ events, using presenters to interact, entertain and educate the audience. Other representatives of your company can mingle among them, ready to bring the message even closer to home.

Use technology to make a display more punchy, perhaps show-casing a particular product by creating a digital game, quiz or animation.

Be inventive. If your product is a camera (or mascara) that’s waterproof, why not put it in a fishtank full of jellyfish?

Think out of the box – or even the tank. Attention-seek. The aim here is to become a talking point.

Super swag

Everybody loves a freebie. If you’re going to offer free samples or trials of a particular product, amplify your brand’s message at every opportunity. Make sure those in charge of hand-outs are impossible to ignore, making their presence felt inside and outside of the hall.


There’s no such thing as a free freebie, however – in other words, no one should get something for nothing in this world. To ensure you get payback, make sure your sample naturally complements your marketing message. Make sure your company name, logo and phone number appear clearly on the sample, as well as any imprinted message. And make it memorable – the receiver needs to remember who gave them the gift long after they get it home.

Smiley, happy people

Bring it back to basics by letting your staff know how important they are. People buy from people and face-to-face marketing is the last bastion of human contact in the world of B2B sales. Tell them why you’re at the exhibition so they clearly understand the business objectives, as well as setting their own personal goals. Let them know exactly what’s it’s costing, so they’re aware of the extent of your investment in the show – and in them.

Your team are your most important asset. They have the potential to turn initial interest into gold, but they deserve to be fully briefed about products, as well as understanding how the stand works, including how to demonstrate any interactive content, such as digital games, surveys or quizzes.

Hold a stand briefing a week or so before the event, then a breakfast meeting on the morning of the show to reinforce the overall campaign objective and go over any areas of concern.

Most importantly, make sure your team dress appropriately and approach people with a warm and friendly smile. When visitors start smiling back, you’re most likely onto a winner.

If you’re interested in making your next exhibition stand jump out to the crowd, take a look at our bespoke service to help you design a stand that represents your brand to its full potential.

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