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Nimlok recognised by AEO Excellence Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Nimlok are finalists in the Stand Design and Buildcategory for the AEO Excellence Awards 2017!

The AEO Excellence Awards represent the best that the events industry has to offer and the event recognises and celebrates organisers’ accomplishments, standards of excellence from venues and service quality by suppliers and contractors.

Recognised by the AEO Excellence Awards for the stand we produced for YouGov at this year’s Marketing Week Live, we are proud that once again Nimlok’s unique exhibiting formula has been hailed as a winning one!

YouGov at Marketing Week Live 2017

The Challenge:

Independent global market research and data company, YouGov, are mostly known for their political polls yet this only represents about 10% of surveys they undertake.

They required a stand that would educate their target market on their B2B services and products and simultaneously help to shake off any preconceptions or false associations surrounding their name.

Nimlok were asked to deliver a high specification showpiece for MWL without the huge investment of traditional full custom stand build and ownership and to make full use of engagement tactics to facilitate the required conversations that would help shift opinions.

Our response:

Using our unique formula of bespoke hire and purchase we created an open and welcoming stand with engagement at the heart of the project.

On a 24sqm pitch (8×3) flanking either side of the central hospitality hub, Nimlok’s Engagement experts provided dual engagement points for two YouGov products and showcased them through gamification.

On one side, a highly addictive, old school hand buzzer game was used to form a 2.5-metre-high visual graph-style representation of YouGov’s Brand Index tool. On the other side a more sophisticated digital ‘Q&A’ game was devised to highlight YouGov’s segmentation and media planning tool named ‘Profiles’. The ‘phy-gital’ solution – a blend of physical and digital – meant the digital content on the stand was brought to the audience through interesting physical interaction and tested the marketing audience on their demographic knowledge in a fun way. Pitting themselves against the clock, well known brand logos would pop up on screen and the visitor would need to select the appropriate demographics to match the brand.

Our engagement response saw us dramatically evolve visitor interaction and recording of leads via the digital game.  This captured visitor data with minimal data entry yet drove interaction, provided memorable visitor experiences and tangible results for YouGov.


The bespoke content ideas brought the essence of YouGov’s brand and their B2B propositions to life, delivering incredible results on the show floor. Crucially this deadly combination of killer content and physical interaction broke down invisible barriers between stand staff and MWL visitors. As well as being experiential, the stand format made it inherently social, genuinely helping YouGov make real connections and start conversations.

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