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Promotional gifts at exhibitions, trash or treasure?

Clients often ask us if promotional gifts work at exhibitions, the answer is yes, if they are thought through and integrated effectively. Walk around any exhibition and you will be able to collect a bagful of promotional items all designed to promote. But look a little more closely, and then ask yourself how many of these items really do an effective job? Are they something you want to keep, or are they likely to end up in the bin?

Your promotional items should be designed to communicate your messages and make your brand more memorable to the visitor.

To select the right item, you need to decide your objective. Do you want it to enhance a theme, convey a specific message or educate your target audience? A clear purpose should help make your selection process easier. Remember that your company image is reflected in the item you choose.

Having a clear objective for your promotional item will also help you decide who should receive it. You may consider having different items for different types of visitors. You might have different quality gifts for your key customers and qualified prospects and other gifts for general passer’s by. Think about your target audience; consider where they might use your promotional item, could it be something that would help them in their day to day role?

There are several ways to use your promotional item effectively on your exhibition stand. For example, as a reward for visitors participating in a competition or survey (that allows you to collect valuable data) or as a token of your appreciation when visitors have given you qualifying information about their specific needs. Avoid leaving items out for anyone to take as this diminishes the value of the item.

If you’re interested in having your promotional item directly help your future sales, consider a discount coupon or a gift certificate that requires future contact with your company for redemption.

When you have decided on what your promotional item will be, have the message imprinted on the item, and make sure that your company logo, website and phone number appears clearly.

There are a vast amount of promotional items for you to select from so that you can avoid the usual pens, pencils and key chains. Speak to your promotional company and explain your objectives, often they can source alternative products, unique to your requirements.

Make your giveaway work for you, and it will be money well invested.

What has your experience with promotion items at exhibitions been? Share your thoughts with us…

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