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Engaging your audience at an exhibition

The most important sales tools your team can use at a show are those that help to engage.

Engagement can help drive footfall, build relationships, generate leads, add value and ultimately deliver return on investment by creating positive interactions.

From phygital games that bring your brand to life, to animations that explain a complex product, each should be designed with your sales team and exhibiting objectives in mind.

What is audience engagement?

Audience engagement is a way of leaving visitors with a positive and memorable experience.

Audience engagement can be physical – like an old school fishing game or digital like a media centre or digital game.

We believe the strongest form of audience engagement combines the best elements of both physical and digital – called phygital.

Phygital engagement combines physical interactivity with digital measurability

Phygital engagement isn’t a mouse click, it’s a movement.

The power of phygital engagement lies in its ability to allow audiences to have maximum involvement, interaction and immersion in your brand and messages.

For brands, phygital engagement not only leaves visitors with positive and memorable experiences, but also a means of measuring success.

Through the integration of fun, traffic-driving engagement with simple data capture forms, your tools can be transformed into lead capture methods, leaving your business with tangible data and your visitor with a memorable experience.

No other form of engagement alone is as powerful.

The secret to creating engagement tools that work

A great engagement tool shouldn’t just drive traffic to your exhibition stand, but should help address the problems that your sales team have when trying to meet your objectives.

These problems are often unavoidable and are of no fault of your team or business. They are usually caused by the complexity of products, services as well as the time and space-constraints of bringing your brand to life in a couple of minutes at a trade show.

With these problems in mind, there’s an engagement technique that can be used to help to make meeting your objectives smoother and easier.

Deliver a greater ROI without increasing your budget

We design and build stands with the objective of increasing your return on investment.

We can use the tangible savings created by using our bespoke hire over traditional custom designed and built stands to fund your engagement.

This allows us to deliver a greater ROI, without increasing your budget.

Why choose Nimlok?

We are committed to helping our clients to deliver successful exhibitions with our help and are proud of the achievements that they have made.

With Nimlok, you can have:

  • Tangible savings by reducing investment of stand architecture
  • Unique or reskinned engagement content to suit your needs and budget
  • Award winning in-house design, build and engagement team
  • Most comprehensive team and production capability in the events industry
  • Global exhibiting capabilities
  • Unique preview service by pre-building your stand for peace of mind

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