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Exhibition stand animations

We are helping an increasing number of companies to explain their complex or very niche product or service simply and concisely using animation. This versatile medium has no physical boundaries, so it can show scenes a camera cannot capture, and can demonstrate products that are only at concept stage. It can also be more cost effective then filming a video across several locations. Get it right, and a good animation can be promoted via your website and social networks, boosting your SEO and online brand awareness. The range of style are endless, from clay motion to vector graphics.

Alstom Power

Eazy Recuit

Metlife Timeline


Atlas Genetics


Why use animation?

As well as creating a visual interest on stand, using animation brings a number of other benefits. These include:

  • Acting as a visual summary, it saves you time in explaining your product or service in words, which helps you target time-pressed decision makers and budget holders
  • It is dynamic and tells a story over time
  • It grabs the attention easily, and is more emotive and powerful than the print medium
  • It can show the future, and other things that can’t be photographed
  • It is proven to boost conversion rates
  • It can boost SEO. Remember Google owns YouTube …
  • Get it right and it has the potential to go viral.

Animation can be used across multiple marketing platforms, including:

  • Emails
  • Web content
  • Social media
  • Video cards
  • Presentations / pitches
  • Training
  • Exhibition stands
  • DVDs
  • Adverts