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Exhibition stand quizzes

A simple quiz about your product or service area is a great way to get an exhibition audience interacting with your brand, to contextualise your offer and to draw the attention of busy exhibition traffic. Quizzes are increasingly being used by marketers to engage users in a journey of self-discovery, due to their ability to be linked back to measurable business results like social traffic and lead generation.

The benefits of using quizzes in exhibition marketing include:

  • They are an engaging way of educating stand visitors to your product, brand, service or cause. Research suggests that people want to be involved in this process, and not just be showered with information. Using a quiz as a fact-finding mission can bring the audience closer to your brand
  • They tap into people’s competitive natures and their nature desire to benchmark themselves against colleagues and friends. Participants often share their results with others, thereby increasing the audience for your brand or message
  • They are a great source of truthful information about your target audience. Research suggests that, because quizzes are a survey people volunteer to take, they tell the truth. Get your questions right and you’ll be able to gather accurate information to inform future business strategy
  • They can be used across other marketing channels, including on your website and shared via social media
  • You can tailor end messages such as product or service announcements to fit certain ‘user profiles’, based on question responses.


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